Sunday April 22 , 2018

What We Do

There was a time when LP records went away en masse and CDs became the norm.  We have now reached a critical time where clients do not want CDs anymore (and many don’t even want hard drives but we will save that for a later blog post).  They want (and demand) that the assets be delivered in a digital embedded format. This is the future of the business as most catalogs have been (or are in the process of) getting embedded.

The return on your investment hinges upon being able to find and license a music track and all comes down to the quality of your data set these days.  If your music is the veritable “needle in the haystack”, it will not be found and therefore not get licensed.  That’s where we come in!

Digital Music Consulting, in conjunction with the Soundminer toolset, will properly prepare your catalog for use in Pro Tools, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Soundminer, iTunes, Nuendo, and many more systems.

What we do for each library will vary on a job-by-job basis but we generally includes:

  • Full Review of Data (if any exists)
  • Data Clean-up
  • Custom Metadata
  • Scan/Resize artwork
  • Digitize CD’s
  • Merge Text To Media Files
  • Category Consultation
  • Optimization Of Assets
  • Delivery Of Assets In AIF, WAV & MP3 Formats